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Music & Liturgy Reflections

Liturgy Reflection | May 25th, 2023

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Finally, we must mention one last difference between the synagogue and the earliest church buildings. In Israel only the presence of men was deemed to be necessary for divine worship. The common priesthood described in Exodus chapter 19 was ascribed to them alone. Consequently, in the synagogue, women were only allowed into the tribunes or galleries. As far as the apostles were concerned, as far as Jesus himself is concerned, there was no such discrimination in the Church of Christ. Even though the public Liturgy of the Word was not entrusted to women, they were included in the liturgy as a whole in exactly the same way as men. And so now they had a place—albeit in separation from men—in the sacred space itself, around both the bema and the altar.

(Ratzinger, J. (2000). The Spirit of the Liturgy (J. Saward, Trans.; pp. 72–73). Ignatius Press.)
  • Approaching Pentecost, we understand then part of the significance of the Spirit being poured out upon all flesh.  In that great nuptial mystery of the incarnation, and the Word uniting Himself with human nature – so that while distinction between God and man remains, in Christ the division caused by sin is destroyed.  Now, the ancient enemy, who sowed division between God and man – between man and woman – is defeated such that the Spirit of God now flows across all flesh.