Together at Heart

For years, All Souls has made it a priority to build and then bolster the school technology used to support our classrooms, teachers and students each day. We do not take for granted the generous and unwavering support of the families and donors who allow us to continue to maintain and update our investments in technology. Especially in this last year, when we had to make many changes to the way we reached our students, whether we were exclusively remote learning or in person with spacing restrictions for safety, it was the dedication of our teachers and the flexibility of our students and our technology that allowed us to continue to reach every student, every day. We livestreamed mass, said rosaries as a school, played bingo together while in cohorts and classrooms, cheered on our air bands, safely “handed-in” assignments on Microsoft Teams, conducted meetings and student-led conferences virtually, and even began to broadcast live announcements from the Dream Studio—all of which was possible because of this continued investment in technology.

At ten years old, our classroom SmartBoards are now outdated and incompatible with new teacher MacBooks and student iPads. Our incredible teachers use these boards daily to enhance and support our school curriculum. After a year where their value has been proven again and in new ways, it’s time to invest in the purchase of 21 new SmartBoards for our K-8 classrooms and four projectors and screens for our ELC classrooms. To do this, we are raising $90,000.  We realize this number is significant, but we know the generosity of our community is just as great and we have learned that together we can achieve anything. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your donation, your prayers and support.


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