All Souls students and families are encouraged to follow the example of our Blessed Mother and fully participate in practicing their faith through Christian stewardship and service. Our Blessed Virgin Mary serves as a true example of discipleship and stewardship. All facets of stewardship can be found in her life as she responded willingly to the call to serve God.

The All Souls Stewardship Program helps students and families develop a compassion for their community and their world. Students take pride in serving our community and learning the value of sharing their time and talents at all grade levels.

All Souls families are asked to volunteer 25 hours within a school year. There are numerous opportunities available for families to give back to the community in both the school and parish, including Home and School Association events and activities, the All Souls Food Bank, Education Advisory, Parent and Student Ambassadors and many more.

All Souls students are asked to volunteer a designated number of hours according to their grade level to instill in them the importance of serving others as true disciples of Christ.

• Kindergarten students: 1 hour
• First Grade students: 3 hours
• Second Grade students: 7 hours
• Third Grade students: 10 hours
• Fourth Grade students: 12 hours
• Fifth Grade students: 15 hours
• Sixth Grade students: 20 hours
• Seventh Grade students: 30 hours
• Eighth Grade students: 40 hours

Some of the stewardship opportunities for students include the 8th Grade Service Project, All Souls Parish Food Bank, Holy Ghost Sandwich Line, recycling collection, Santa Shop, and various community outreach programs.