Capital Campaign

Being Fully Alive is the Glory of God

All Souls is embarking on a Capital Campaign project to bring needed upgrades to our Church facility!

In recent years it has become apparent that there are several repairs that need our immediate attention. Completing this project will allow our faithful to continue to focus on our most important mission: Evangelization!

After much discussion and discernment, we have decided to move forward with the following upgrades:

  • Update and beautify the Sanctuary
  • Update and expand the Narthex
  • Update flooring, pews, stained-glass windows & general finishes of the Nave
  • Improve lighting & sound systems
  • Replace HVAC & electrical systems

Please view the video, as well as the photos at the bottom of the page, for complete renderings & details of the project.

Your Decision to Give

The goal of the Campaign is to raise $5,000,000 over the course of the next 3 years. Through generous gifts outside of the normal Sunday offering to the Campaign from families of All Souls, we will be able to achieve this goal. Your gift, no matter the amount, is greatly needed and appreciated!

Ways to Give

  • Pledge Installments
  • Stocks, bonds & securities
  • Wills & Bequests
  • Tax-deductible Gifts
  • IRA gifts & rollovers
  • Matching gifts from employers

Campaign Updates

MAY 19, 2024

A new addition to our Capital Campaign plan is to beautify the outdoor grounds of the parish with the construction of a Rosary Garden. The garden will be located in the grassy area in between the Church and the south parking lot. Parishioners & school families will have the opportunity to purchase a brick, river rock, flagstone paver or park bench engraved with a personal message or name. Each item will be integrated into the overall design of the garden.

The donation cost for each garden item is as follows:

To learn more about how you can leave your legacy for All Souls by purchasing an engraved Rosary Garden item, please click the link below.

MARCH 31, 2024

We are excited to announce that we are moving on to the next design phase in renovating the Church building. So far, our Capital Campaign has been very successful to date, though we are continuously working on raising more funds for the project. As of now, the majority of design elements explored in early concept renderings will progress into the next phase.

However, we have determined that constructing the dormers in the ceiling has proven to be more challenging than expected. Adding dormers would require a significant portion of the 70 year-old roof to be removed and restructured, thus causing concerns with potential leakage and ongoing maintenance in the future.

Rather, our focus will turn to the other design elements of the project, such as beautifying the altar area, enlarging and upgrading the Narthex, enhancing the overall quality of finishes, expanding window openings, and installing new stained glass windows to create a more dynamic and vibrant lighting effect inside the Church. As always, we will keep you posted on the further progress of the renovation, as well as any changes that do arise. Thank you for your continual support to our Capital Campaign!

Church Renovation Renderings