Early Learning Center


All Souls Early Learning Center uses a child-focus curriculum, which promotes self-sufficient, confident, and motivated learners. An interdisciplinary approach to instruction, coupled with on-going assessments designed to inform lesson plans, are the keys to ensuring that each student’s individual needs are being met. Students learn through play and build classrooms together using skills and knowledge acquired during the year.


Every moment is an opportunity to learn, grow and to know God’s love.

Social Emotional Development

Students are given concrete tools designed to educate and empower them so they can begin to resolve their own social/peer conflicts.

Through gentle and deliberate facilitation by the ELC teachers, students become self-regulated and self-confident.

Our Classrooms

From the Pre-2.5-year-old room to Transitional Kindergarten, each classroom is filled with interesting educational materials intended to spark curiosity and encourage exploration. Teachers make sure that the classroom environments are stimulating, supportive and ever-changing, while also maintaining a stable, comfortable environment of learning and play.