Middle School | Grades 6-8

Middle school at All Souls is a time of tremendous growth, academically, personally, socially, and in faith. Students build upon a solid academic foundation in a nurturing, yet challenging environment. A sense of responsibility to this community and others, especially our younger classrooms, grows as these students take on positions of leadership and service throughout the school. Middle school students ask questions, participate in discussions, and can dig deeper into elective classes of their choosing. Enduring friendships are cemented through religious experiences, class retreats, middle school dances, fundraisers, sports teams, and clubs. Faith is put into action through increased service. Test scores and high schools of choice speak for themselves, as our graduates, with a comfortable confidence, are truly Grounded in Faith and Prepared to Soar, in high school and beyond.
All Souls follows the curriculum guidelines set forth by the Archdiocese of Denver. All Souls is not a Common Core school.

Core Subjects

Language Arts

Specials with Electives

Physical Education

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