Preparatory Liberal Arts Catholic Education

 Cultivation of Mind, Character, and Spirit.

At All Souls, we celebrate a long tradition of strength in academics, the development of character, and the fundamentals of an enduring faith. We proudly mentor well-rounded, well-grounded faith-filled students prepared for the next academic level, and ultimately, prepared for life.

Our curriculum embraces a modernized program of classes rooted in the core principals historically at the heart of a liberal arts education:

Varied Education

Varied Education – Provide a diverse, content-rich program, cultivating a lifelong love of wisdom.

Faith & Character

Faith & Character – Build a lasting faith, develop character and curiosity in students who then seek a depth of knowledge in a variety of subjects.

Quality Interaction

Quality Interaction – Mentor relationships with students, nurture each child’s God-given talents, encourage participation, leadership, and the development of self.

Diversity of Thought

Diversity of Thought – Encourage questions, discussions, and perspectives that empower the individual and society.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking – Provide students with the tools to draw conclusions and think for themselves. Teach students how to think, rather than what to think. Develop a confidence of self, the ability to make choices, and ultimately serve communities as faith-filled leaders.